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Your Questions – Answered

This is a compilation of questions we have received over the years:

    Do you have a minimum order quantity?


    To what countries do you ship?

    We ship virtually to any kind of country – except rogue states.

    How long is the production time?

    This depends on the quantity, kind of goods and availability of raw materials. A sure bet is an average of four weeks.

    In what types of projects are you involved?

    • Commercial projects, such as hotel and restaurant (furniture, textiles, accessories etc.)
    • Wholesalers and retailers with furniture and decorative items
    • Private projects and single items for personal use

    Are you also interested in small orders?

    Absolutely! We happily supply single items, such as furniture, gazebos, deco materials etc. (either from our catalog, or customized).

    What services do you offer?

    We can walk you through all parts of your project:
    • Help you to select the product
    • Make suggestions regarding material type and quality and other specifications
    • Manufacture samples
    • Quality control by in-house staff
    • Offer storage capacity at our warehouse to consolidate several orders in one shipping container
    • Packaging, either to our specifications (as they have proven over the years to be successful), or to your specifications. Just let us know your requirements.
    • Export preparation and loading
    • Ship to the export harbor (usually Surabaya), or directly to the harbor of destination

    Where are your suppliers located?

    Short answer: Bali, Java and beyond.

    Bali is the preferred choice for smaller orders and Bali-typical products (masks, carvings etc.). For bigger orders we go to Java as this is where we have access to larger factories, are closer to the export harbor (Surabaya), and also the production costs are cheaper. Around half of our staff is most of the time located on Java (we have a quality management office there). Besides working with suppliers from Bali and Java, we have also involved producers from other areas, such as Lombok, Sulawesi, Sumatra and also places as far as Thailand.

    Who is in charge of quality control?

    We have our own quality control team. With 15 years of experience and numerous projects, I think that we have optimized quality control pretty much. Before your order is being dispatched we can send you a photographic documentation of your products.

    Do you offer customized products?

    Of course.

    Is there a minimum order quantity for customized products?


    What information do you need for customized products?

    The more the better:
    • picture/drawing/sketch
    • dimensions
    • intended use: commercial v private
    • location: indoor v outdoor
    • quantity
    • material
    • finishing: color
    • style: antique, contemporary etc.
    If you do not have all information at hand, we are happy to make suggestions.

    Is there a design fee/production surcharge for customized products?


    Why is there no extra fee for customized products?

    Because we value our customers.

    Does the production take longer for customized products?


    Do you have experience with customized products?

    Yes, as most orders consist of customized products and/or modifications of catalog products.

    What about environmental issues of wood products?

    Our producers only source from government certified plantations.

    Do you offer timber types that are not from the rainforest?

    Absolutely! We can also use species such as Manggo wood or Coconut.

    What is the most sustainable wood you offer? What’s about FSC-wood?

    While FSC-certification is surely a good bet, we think it is more sustainable to re-use old wood, than sourcing from certified plantations. A good analogy might be houses. What is more environmentally friendly: upgrading an existing house (insulation, rain-water tanks etc.) or building a low-emission house from scratch? – Of course it is better for the environment to re-use and upgrade existing houses. We think this is also true for wood. Therefore, we think the best environmetal friendly choice is reclaimed wood.

    What is reclaimed wood?

    “Recycled” wood originates from old defunct buildings and boats. Therefore, no trees were felled for products that are made of reclaimed wood. Can you think of more environmental friendly wood products? – We can’t.

    How much does reclaimed wood cost?

    You do not need to pay a “sustainable premium” as reclaimed wood is around the same price as newly cut wood.

    What is the disadvantage of reclaimed wood?

    Sourcing reclaimed wood might take a bit longer. But this is a very small downside, considering its sustainable advantages.

    In what currency are the quotation and invoice?

    Indonesian Rupiah. We also include the $US value for reference (1$US ≈ IDR9,000).

    Why are the prices in Indonesian Rupiah?

    We are located in Indonesia and our suppliers require payment in the local currency. Prices in USD or EUR would only be possible if we adjust the prices to take into account exchange rate fluctuations. As this would lead to increased prices (and unhappy customers), the best option is to quote in Indonesian Rupiah.

    What are your payment terms?

    1. 50% down payment to start production
    2. The remaining sum is to be paid upon order completion, before the goods leave our premises

    When will production start?

    After we have received the first down payment.

    How long are prices valid?

    Even though quotation prices can change without notice, you can expect prices to be valid for one month.

    I am not sure about the payment terms, can we change them?

    Unfortunately not, as these are also the conditions of our suppliers and they are standard in Indonesia.

    What guarantees do I have that you do not run away with my first down payment?

    We have been in business for more than 15 years and are an incorporated company. We have a reputation to lose if we trick clients! This is just something we cannot afford (besides its ethical and legal implications). Otherwise, we would be quickly out of business. Be assured that we put the utmost care into making your project succeed. Of course, your are very welcome to take a closer look at us in our office.

    How to reach your office?

    We are located in South Bali, 30min from the airport. Drive until the northern end of the Sunset Road or Jalan Legian (jalan ist street in Indonesian). There you will enter Jalan Oberoi aka Jalan Laksmana aka2 Jalan Kayu Ayung. After ca. 300m you will see a white one-storey shop called “Religion”. In front of this shop enter the street Gang Nyuh Gading. That’s were we are.

    What are your office hours?

    Our office is open Mon – Fri from 9am until 6am, Sat 9am – 1pm. Please make an appointment prior to your visit (phone/email), so that we can allocate as much time as your project requires.

    Can I pick up my order from your office?

    This is of course possible for small orders and samples.

    What shipping options are available?

    • Pick up at our office in case of small orders.
    • Ship to nearest Indonesian sea harbour (usually Surabaya) and export preparation.
    • Sea freight to harbour of destination.
    • Door-to-door sea freight for particular countries.
    • Air freight

    How long does sea freight take?

    3 – 4 weeks to Europe and America.

    What sea freight shipping sizes are available?

    • Less than container load (LCL), 1 CBM (cubic meter) as minimum
    • Full container load (FCL): 20ft, 40ft, 40ft High Cube

    What is CBM?

    CBM is how the cargo guys abbreviate cubic meter. The SI abbreviation would be m3.

    What is less than container load (LCL) sea freight shipping?

    The goods are shipped in wooden boxes on crates first to a harbour in Singapore or Malaysia. They will wait there until enough other LCL shipments arrive with the same destination, so that a whole container can be filled. From there it is usually a direct way to the harbour of destination.

    What are the disadvantages of LCL?

    • Shipment time: can be 1-2 weeks longer than for a consolidated container. This is due to the waiting time in Singapore or Malaysia, see previous answer.
    • Relatively expensive: 1 CBM LCL is more expensive than 1 CBM of a consolidated container; 15 CBM (cubic meter) LCL is already more expensive than a 20ft container shipment having a volume of 33 CMB (cubic meter).
    • Weight restriction: e.g. 1 CBM of stones is above the weight limit. Thus, they will count as 2 CBM or even more, depending on the actual weight.
    • Higher damage risk: due to extra handling and the fact that a wooden LCL packaging is less robust than a metal container.
    These disadvantages point clearly to a recommendation for full container shipments.

    What are the advantages of LCL?

    LCL is probably your only option if the volume of your order is far lower than a full container load. Of course, you are always invited to increase your order to a Full Container Load (FCL) shipment.

    What sea container sizes are available?

    The most common types are 20′ container, 40′ container and 40′ High Cube container.

    20′ container
    • Inside dimensions: 5.90m (19.35 ft) x 2.35m (7.75 ft) x 2.38m (7.80 ft)
    • Door size: 2.28m (7.48 ft) x 2.33m (7.64 ft)
    • Inside capacity: 32.8 CMB (1,158 ft3)
    • tare weight: 2,360kg (5,204 lbs)
    40′ container
    • Inside dimensions: 12,01m (39.39 ft) x 2.35m (7.75 ft) x 2.38m (7.80 ft)
    • Door size: 2.28m (7.48 ft) x 2.33m (7.64 ft)
    • Inside capacity: 67.2 CMB (2,372 ft3)
    • Tare weight: 3,980kg (8,776 lbs)
    40 High Cube (HC) container
    • Inside dimensions: 12,01m (39.39 ft) x 2.35m (7.75 ft) x 2.69m (8.82 ft)
    • Door size: 2.58m (8.46 ft) x 2.35m (7.71 ft)
    • Inside capacity: 75.9 CMB (2,679 ft3)
    • Tare weight: 4,150kg (9,150 lbs)

    Why choosing a 40′ container and not two 20′ container?

    One 40′ container is considerably cheaper than two 20′ containers (handling charges, sea freight, export preparation etc.).

    How many goods fit into a container?

    This depends highly on the volume of the individual pieces. The number can range from some few gazebos until several thousand pieces of clothes and jewellery. If you are interested in a full container load shipment, we will be very happy to calculate for you how many goods fit into one container.

    How long are shipping prices valid?

    Usually until end of month, as every beginning of month the ocean freight rate (the biggest position of the shipping price) changes. The ocean freight is basically a commodity and its price is governed by supply and demand, similar to the petrol price. Thus, this price is beyond our control (unless we own a shipping line).

    What’s about air freight?

    • Pro: The goods will arrive within few days, virtually anywhere in the world.
    • Con: This shipment type is economically only viable for goods that are in urgent need (spare parts), have a low volume (samples) or a high price (eg jewellery).

    Is transport insurance included in the shipment?

    The goods are transported at the risk of the buyer. The transport is not insured per se. However, in the invoice we list an optional insurance (3% of product value). It is highly recommended that you take out an insurance. Further, we recommend that you use an insurance from your home country, as claiming insurance is much easier for the customer if this is done in his/her home country. Also note, the insurance company’s terms and conditions usually allow you to claim insurance only within a very limited period of time (eg one week after the container arrival).

    How to take out a shipping insurance from an insurer in my home country?

    This is very easy to do:

    Besides the costs for the goods and the shipping, does my shipment incur other costs as well?

    Your shipment might be subject to harbour charges in the destination country.
    About tariffs and duties: Indonesia does not impose any export duties. Some goods might need additional certificates: stones, gazebos etc. This will be a part of the shipping bill.

    How to find out if my order is subject to customs in my home country?

    In the European Union, at least, most goods are not subject to customs (handicraft, furniture, gazebos etc.). Browse to the website of the customs authority. For the European Union the keyword is TARIC, standing for Integrated Tariff of the European Communities.

    How much VAT (GST) is my order subject to?

    Some VAT Rates (Nov 2010): 19.6% France, 19% Germany, 20% UK, 8% Switzerland, 10% Australia and 18% Russia.

    How to calculate VAT?

    The calculation base for VAT in Germany: price of the goods + (customs +) insurance + shipping. E.g. $5,000 (invoice) + 3% (insurance) + $3,000 (shipping) = $8,150 (calculation base for VAT) → 19% of $8,150 = $1,548,50.

    To whom to pay VAT for imported goods?

    Upon container arrival, the customs authority of the destination country will contact you regarding payment.