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Top 10 Shipping Facts

We take fully care of your shipment.
  1. To what countries do you ship?

    We ship to virtually any country. This includes countries in Europe, America, Asia, Australia, Africa and Oceania.
  2. What shipping options are available?

    • Air Freight
      The goods will arrive within few days, virtually anywhere in the world. However, this shipment type is economically only viable for goods that are in urgent need (spare parts) or a high price (eg jewellery).
    • Sea Freight
      Most commen shipment type for bulky, non-urgent and/or non-expensive goods. This is what most of our customers choose
  3. What sea freight options are available?

    • Full Container Load (FCL)
      20′ container, 32m3 volume
      40′ container, 67m3 volume
      40′ High Cube container, 75m3 volume
    • Less than a container load (LCL)
      The goods are shipped in wooden boxes on crates first to a harbour in Singapore or Malaysia. They will wait there until enough other LCL shipments arrive with the same destination, so that a whole container can be filled. From there it is usually a direct way to the harbour of destination.
  4. What is the minimum and maximum volume for sea freight?

    • Minimum volume
      There is no minimum volume per se. However, the cargo charges at least for 1m3. That is, if your goods have a lower volume than 1m3, we still can ship it, but the goods will count as 1m3.
    • Maximum volume
      The maximum volume is determined by the container sizes. For a 20′ container, the volume is 32m3, for a 40′ container it is 67m3, and a 40′ High Cube container has a volume of 75m3. If your goods exceed the maximum volume, we can of course add a second container, or combine FCL with LCL shipment.
  5. How are the goods packaged?

    Cardboard packaging, wooden boxes and crates for less than container shipments. For container shipments, goods are usually wrapped with cardboard. Fragile products receive stronger wrapping.
  6. What are the shipping costs?

    For most destinations shipping fees are between $180 and $250 per m3 (Add $60 per shipment for fumigation). It might be worth choosing a 20′ container for shipments of more than 10m3.
  7. What is the shipping time?

    Around 4 weeks to Europe and the United States and 2 weeks to Australia. Add a couple of days more for less then container-load shipments.
  8. How do I know the exact day of arrival?

    You will receive from us the shipping schedule. Besides, a couple of days prior to the arrival of your products, a representative of the shipping line, located at the harbour of destination, will give you a call.
  9. Are the goods insured?

    Insurance is 2.5% of the invoice value. Claiming insurnace must take place within one week of the arrival of the goods. We recommend choosing your own, local, insurance company.
  10. What’s about other fees?

    Your goods are probably subject to value added tax of your country. Further, you shipment might incur harbour of destination charges. These costs are not included in our shipping costs and are c/o client.

25 Major Shipping Rates

# Country Harbour Time Rate/m3
1 Australia Sydney 16 $ 170
2 Austria Salzburg 37 $ 252
3 Canada Toronto 31 $ 227
4 Canada Vancouver 24 $ 200
5 Finland Helsinki 30 $ 250
6 France Marseille 23 $ 175
7 France Le Havre 20 $ 170
8 Germany Hamburg 24 $ 180
9 Hong Kong Hong Kong 8 $ 135
10 India Mumbai 12 $ 185
11 Italy Genoa 22 $ 180
12 Japan Osaka 12 $ 125
13 Netherlands Rotterdam 24 $ 175
14 New Zealand Auckland 17 $ 190
15 Republic Of Korea Busan 12 $ 160
16 South Africa Durban 16 $ 210
17 Spain Barcelona 23 $ 180
18 Sweden Gothenburg 27 $ 210
19 Switzerland Zurich 32 $ 275
20 Tahiti Papeete 31 $ 360
21 United Kingdom Southampton 20 $ 180
22 United States Denver 28 $ 217
23 United States Los Angeles 21 $ 180
24 United States New York 26 $ 220
25 United States Seattle 27 $ 225
Door-to-harbour, including ocean freight, cardboard wrapping, wooden packaging, trucking to export harbour of Surabaya, export documents, ISPM#15 certificate, certificate of origin, bill of loading, document courier fee. Add to each shipment a fumigation fee of $60 ($70 for AU & NZ) and insurance of 2.5% of shipping value.