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Our Solutions

Customized products?

Most of our projects consist of customized products, based on clients’ descriptions, drawings or pictures. There is no minimum order quantity, no longer production time and no design fee for customized or modified catalog products. Read more.

Co-ordinate multiple orders?

Different products often requires several suppliers with non-matching production schedules. We offer to our clients free storage facilities on Bali and Java to coordinate multiple orders.

Independent quality control?

Our in-house quality control team help looks over the supplier’s shoulder and acts proactively. This includes the selection of raw materials, processing, finishing and packaging.

Complex, commercial projects?

Furnishing a hotel, villa or restaurant can involve several hundred customized items that are produced from a dozen or more suppliers. We have the right experience to satisfactory handle such an undertaking for you. See examples.

Western expectations?

We are an international team consisting of experienced staff from France, Germany, Russia and Indonesia. When you talk about timelines, quality control and reliability, we have a common understanding. Thanks to our background and long experience with commercial and private projects for Western markets, we are also the right choice for you.

Proven suppliers?

We have been working together with some of our suppliers for many years. Further, we are constantly looking for and testing new producers on Bali, Java and beyond. This guarantees a smooth production, no surprises and a successful project.

Product suggestions?

In our online catalog, we offer you 23,500 products, organized in 7 departments, 92 categories and 380 sub-categories. Products include indoor and outdoor furniture, handicraft, deco items, tableware, statues, textiles and building materials. All products are fully customizable (size, material, color etc.). Read more.

Different products?

Often suppliers are experienced only in few kind of products (even though they might tell you otherwise). Thus, you are faced with the challenge of finding, evaluating and selecting more than one supplier for your project. This is where we enter the stage, as we are your one-stop solution for your project, we are the intermediary between you and a network of proven suppliers.

Packaging, export and shipping?

Of course, we also oversee the packaging, coordinate the export with our cargo partner company and are able, for some countries, to arrange door-to-door shipping.

Small quantity?

Even though we have worked on fairly big projects, we are more than happy to take small orders. Of course, even clients with few, or single, items receive our undivided attention and full commitment!

Too many options?

No worries, we walk you through all steps of the sourcing process. This includes suggestions about the appropriate quality, material and finishing, based on your budget, location (indoor vs. outdoor etc.) and project requirements (private vs. commercial).