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Outdoor Furniture

Teak furniture from Indonesia is the premier material for garden furniture. This category consists of many bestsellers, such as seats and benches, sunbeds, tables, bar trays and boxes, umbrellas and complete sets. Of course we can also produce any other kind of furniture from teak. Teak wood is sourced from government certified plantations to keep the impact on the ecosystem to a minimum and to support sustainable forestry. Most teak furniture can be produced folding, for easy storage, or non-folding for extra-robustness. The most common wood qualities are Teak A and Teak B. We have worked together with teak manufacturers now for many years. Our partners excel in a brilliant workmanship and the robust quality of their products.

Teak consist of bar trays and boxes, seats and benches, sunbeds and steamers, tables, umbrellas,

Garden furniture made of metal, or a combination of metal and wood is loved for its durability and the stark contrast between the smooth and warm organic timber and the cold metal. Metal-wood furniture are of a timeless design and are met by our customers with long-lasting joy. As metal is denser than wood, metal and metal-wood furniture is the optimal choice in environments where durability and robustness is a main concern.

Metal & Metal-wood consist of aluminium and chrome, aluminium and fabric, iron teak furniture,

Outdoor synthetic rattan furniture, also known as resin wicker or all weather wicker, has experienced a surge in popularity in Germany, the UK and other countries. Furniture made of synthetic fibers is available in many colors. The wicker material is usually installed over an aluminum frame to create light-looking outdoor furniture. Thanks to its elasticity and the versatility of aluminum a great many shapes of furniture is avaiable. Synthetic rattan furniture has not only gained popularity thanks to its resistance against the impacts of elements, but also for its modern minimalist design. Its elasticity provides good seating comforts. It can easily be cleaned and its colors barely fade over time. We can of course produce customized shapes.


Bamboo furniture experiences a revival in Europa. Bamboo has many advantages: it is strong and durable, inexpensive and renewable (bamboo is a fast growing grass or weed). Furniture made of bamboo is an inexpensive way to go green and to have exotic looking furniture in the garden. If bamboo furniture is used outside, it is important to perform regular maintenance. This is the case for all outdoor furniture.

Bamboo consist of 6 bars, 7 garden deco, 8 chairs,

Antique huts are available in many shapes, colors and sizes are available. Some even have carvings and other decorative elements. Gazebos, or pavilions can be made of teak, bangkirai, coconut or similar materials. Customers usually prefer a classic rectangular shape. Deviations are of course possible: a lower gazebo, with a mattress (like a sunbed with a roof), or an "American" octagonal gazebo. Several roof materials are possible: fabric (cotten, Sunbrella etc.), dried grass (called alang-alang in Indonesia), or wooden shingles (Merbau, Iron Wood, Teak etc.). Furniture, such as benches, tables and chairs, mattresses, complement the gazebo. Other accessories are mosquito nets and curtains.

Huts & Gazebos consist of ANTIQUE HUTS, HUTS AND GAZEBOS,

Doors and windows are either made to order, or sourced as antique items. Here the availability of particular shapes and sizes varies. A custom-made door is a perfect item to complement a villa, as this is usually the first part of the building that is seen by guests. Thus, installing a massive, nicely carved door is paramount for a first good impression. Besides being able to produce standard doors and windows - also for Western markets - most customers have their dream door made by us. These are either oversized, have a nice carved frame, or creative furniture. Take a look at the door and window category to get an impression of what is possible. Do not overlook the ethnic doors with nice carvings

Doors & Windows consist of BALINESE, JAVANESE, LOMBOK, PRIMITIVE, STANDARD, WINDOWS, 4 stained glass windows,

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